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Ctrl-Shift-P = Control Palette

Ctrl + O = Datei öffnen

Ctrl + T = Fuzzy Finder

Ctrl + B = Suchen in offenen Dateien

Ctrl + Shift + B = Suchen in Dateien seit letzem Commit


atom –clear-window-state


ALT+TAB–>select atom ALT+space–> select maximize.

oder für Windows

  • Select the Atom window (using Alt-Tab or mouse)
  • Open the context menu with Alt-Space.
  • Select move using “m”
  • Press any of the arrow keys.
  • The Atom window will now be possible to drag back to the main monitor using the mouse.

<nowrap> NOTE: An admonition paragraph draws the reader's attention to auxiliary information. Its purpose is determined by the label at the beginning of the paragraph.

Here are the other built-in admonition types:

TIP: Pro tip…

IMPORTANT: Don't forget…

WARNING: Watch out for…

CAUTION: Ensure that… </nowrap>

<nowrap> old *constrained* & unconstrained

italic _constrained_ & unconstrained

bold italic *_constrained_* & un constrained

monospace `constrained` & ``un``constrained

monospace bold `*constrained*` & ``un``constrained

monospace italic `_constrained_` & ``un``constrained

monospace bold italic `*_constrained_*` & ``un``constrained </nowrap>

Document header

<nowrap> = My Document's Title Doc Writer v1.0, 2018-04-11 :toc: :imagesdir: assets/images :homepage:

My document provides… </nowrap>

= Document Title (Level 0) == Level 1 Section Title === Level 2 Section Title ==== Level 3 Section Title ===== Level 4 Section Title ====== Level 5 Section Title == Another Level 1 Section Title

Unordered, basicview result

* Edgar Allen Poe
* Sheri S. Tepper
* Bill Bryson

Unordered, basic (alt)view result

- Edgar Allen Poe
- Sheri S. Tepper
- Bill Bryson


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